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0-100 Website Creation & Entrepreneurship with E-Commerce:Online Training

This three-day Online Practical Training helps you learn dynamic website creation with e-commerce functionality from Zero knowledge. After this training, you will be able to start your own small web development venture from the comfort of your home, without any major investment. No Programming or Coding Skills needed to attend this training.
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08 November 2017
Time 1:59 am

Marghat Vale Mandir, Rajpath,Marg,delhi



- Registering a website name (domain name)
- Managing domain renewals
- Procuring server space
- Linking Domain Name to Hosting Server
- Creating static websites
- Uploading files to Server
- Creating dynamic websites
- Creating and Editing Web Pages
- Adding Images to Web pages
- Menu Structure and Sub Pages
- Traffic Tracker
- Hit Counters
- Understanding difference between HTML Code and output
- Creating Hyperlinks
- Sliding Banners
- Secret of Creating Responsive Websites
- Changing the Layout based on requirements
- Social Media Integration with Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter
- YouTube Video Integration
- Creating Simple Data Entry Screens
- Google Maps Integration
- Creating Blogs / Writing Articles in your Website
- Creation of Email Accounts under your domain
- Managing Server Backups
- Search Engine Submission
- SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Tips
- Protecting your website from Hackers
- Links / Guidance for Further Actions
- Creating E-Commerce Websites
- Specifying Store Location and Currency
- Adding Products to your Store
- Setting Pricing and Discounts
- Payment Gateway Integration
- Configuring Cash on Delivery and Online Payments
- Tracking Orders

Non Technical Topics
- Marketing your services, Finding Prospective Customers
- Collecting Requirements from your customers
- Registering your company
- Getting a Current Account
- Awareness about Cyber Crimes / Digital Scams and How to avoid the same.


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