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Karti Kaljat Ghusli

Karti Kaljat Ghusli' is a two- act play written by Late Shri Vasant Sabnis in the Marathi language
08 November 2017
Time 3:40 am

Bal Gandharva Rang Mandir: Pune, Bal Gandharva Rang Mandir, J M Road, Pune, Maharashtra 411005, India



Karti Kaljat Ghusli' is a two- act play written by Late Shri Vasant Sabnis in the Marathi language

This play explores a wonderful relationship between a father and his estranged daughter who meets him after 18 years.

Kalidas Kanhere is a successful music director in Mumba'is film industry who is now almost past his prime. Suddenly, one day out of the blue a young girl appears at his home to remind him of the family he left behind in a small town in pursuit of his music career. She is his daughter, Kanchan and she has grown up in that small town with her mother and younger brother without any support from Kalidas, who left them 18 years ago.

Kalidas is taken aback by this sudden intrusion into his life and finds it difficult to deal with the situation practically and emotionally. Kalidas manager, Yamini, who shares more than a professional relationship with him, is also intrigued by this new development.

Kanchan announces that she has come to make a career as an actress in the movies. This shocks and troubles Kalidas and he tries to dissuade her from it. But soon he finds out that Yaminis boyfriend Nandkishore who works as a cameraman is helping Kanchan in her endeavor.

Kanchan starts coming late at odd hours claiming to have attended film parties and have given various auditions for acting. Unable to handle it or to stop Kanchan from it, paternal feelings are invoked in a carefree Kalidas and his attitude towards Kanchan changes and goes from being confrontational and distant to more worrying and caring for her. Slowly without him realizing a closer emotional bond develops between them.

Finally, Kanchan tells him her acting career and meeting with film people was nothing but an act. Yamini and Nandkishore helped her with that. She has finished with her education and has landed a good job. So before starting on her career she wanted to meet her father whom she and her brother missed every moment of their growing years and to see if he ever missed them and especially their mother at all.

Kalidas realizes what he was missing in his life in his chase for his success and freedom, running away from bindings and responsibilities. He decides to re unite with his estranged family.


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