To Be Continued Love Story: Ileana D'Cruz and Andrew Kneebone

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Love is abundant, sufficient to fulfill the lifetimes.    

The story of a sweet modest Bollywood actress, who admits her simplicity is her beauty and a romantic man recognized to capture the beauty, by profession.    

The first appearance in Hindi film industry was with Anurag Basu's Barfi in 2012. In the last five years, she has worked in only a handful of films. If her Bollywood choices have kept her news, so has her love life.    

Unlike her fellows, she doesn't like to keep her relationship under veils. The 29-year-old frequently posts pictures with Australian photographer Andrew Kneebone, who is a photographer by profession.    

Even though the actress has been openly committed, she avoids any personal disclosure.   

In an interview to Mid-Day, Ileana said, "I've been working in the industry for 11 years. It's taken me a lot to understand the working culture. We actors get a lot of love, but at times, we get double the amount of negativity for no reason whatsoever. There are times when the comments become nasty. It's not fair for him to go through it. He is a normal person and is entitled to his privacy. I have had people coming and telling me that he is not an Indian and I find it stupid.    

Ileana, who is happy to be in a live-in relationship with her beau, told the daily, "I think marriage and live-in relationship aren't really different. It is just a piece of paper that separates the two. Marriage is great for a lot of people. It changes a lot of things between two people, but I don't look at it in that way. My commitment towards him is not going to change."    

Even though a wedding is not so proposed, Ileana addresses Andrew as “best hubby ever” in the latest Instagram story.    

Well, this can be one next couple to be tying the knots, and this is expected to be a simple and elegant wedding.    

May cosmos bless their innocent love.

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