A Casual Pre-wedding Shoot

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Even though it's a trend to choose far-away places for the pre-wedding shoots. The romantic captures don't need a new surrounding at all.   

When two of you are together, why would you need to spend money and time in a distant place?  If you want to visit the desired place so badly, you can make it your honeymoon destination. You can actually spend some weeks there.    

 If not the distant photoshoot, where should you go?   

 Anywhere around, in your locality. The parks, the bus-stops, the restaurants on a dinner, a simple coffee at a cafe. The candids at the rooftops. A nearby water-park perhaps. Won't these places create a romance for you two?    

These should because the love isn't captive of a specific surrounding. Anywhere you are or anywhere you go, your love should endure, rather thrive. Afterall, you'll be living in a simple locale only for the life. These surroundings should create more of a value and association when you sit together turning the pages of the past.      

Just plan a day or more, get a nice photographer, and walk your day. You'll save nice time and money. Plus, all will be profoundly realistic.

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