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A proverb says," Bonds are tied-up in heaven, all we do is find the better half of us on earth".    

Marriages are consecrated into bonds by very holy rituals, followed by our ancestors, and passed to us as legacies.  It's a firm belief that by performing or attending the rituals of marriages, we're helping our ancestors in expanding their  lineage. Thence, we are blessed by the progenitors.   

 "Marriages are offerings from the god", is a belief of Christians(followers of Christ) and they should be fulfilled.                 

It provides the very right environment to get involved in intimate relationships and give birth to the progeny.                                  

 The marriage must take place before the god, hence most marriages take place in the church sanctified by God.                  

Before the ceremony, the couple must have their banns(a public announcement of upcoming marriage). They must be read out in communities of both the people.                    

On the day of the ceremony:                    

- The priest welcomes the gathered and read out the beliefs of Christians in marriage.                 

-The couple vow, they will love, comfort, honor and protect their partner as long as they both shall live. 

- vows are as follows:          

"To have and to hold         

 from this day forward;         

 for better, for worse,         

 for richer, for poorer,         

 in sickness and in health,        

 to love and to cherish,         

 till death do us part"            

Credit: Traditional Church of England wedding vows                  

-Rings are exchanged and a set of promises are made.                  

-The priest proclaims the couple as husband and wife.                          

- Prayers are said for the couple along with readings and sermons.                 

-Greetings enchant in the air, from the crowd around.                  

-The couple signs the register, along with two witnesses, and they're officially declared a married couple.   

 " The marriage is a sacred bond uniting two bodies, two souls, two families, for a lifetime, with blessings of and god, to expand the bloodline"

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