A Pre-wedding Shoot: Cannaught Place

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You two ready for a dramatic yet a lavish photoshoot? And your location of ease is Delhi.   

Great, Welcome to Connaught place.      

This confusing circular shopping district was named after George V’s uncle, the Duke of Connaught, and fashioned after the Palladian colonnades of Bath. Greying, whitewashed, colonnaded streets radiate out from the central circle of Rajiv Chowk. 

 Connaught Place is a frenetic business and financial hub, centered on a ring of colonnaded Georgian-style buildings with global chain stores, vintage cinemas, bars and Indian restaurants. Stalls at Janpath Market sell saris, embroidered bags, and trinkets.    

This might not be a perfect place for a silent romantic deep conversation, but an evening shoot at Connaught place can click for you some of the best moments for the two lovebirds.    

I personally have a romantic life-long moment held somewhere there around the streets amid the circular white builts.    

Choose your own time...    

The days can be a glory for the shoot, but the nights at Connaught place are more about love, romance, and glamour.    

You two can just get lost in the alphabetical blocks of this area.    

"Sometimes, getting lost with the right person around you with a long indefinite walk is another dimension of romance. You can lose the way and find the other".    

There are several restaurants and shopping centers where you can always give a try, and the candids can work amazingly well.    

The best season for such a shoot would be a winter at Delhi. This piece is a personal experience.

 You with your princess in a world so busy. Walking through the lavish streets, hand-in-hand, surrounded by fog. Nothing can be better and purer than that.    

Try Connaught place, it would be among the best decisions you ever made for the moments of love.

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