A Pre-wedding Shoot: The National Railway Museum

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This place I describe might not sound too romantic. Know that the romance comes from within the loved ones and not just the surrounding. Romantic people can do the romance all the way to a graveyard. And this is not a junkyard for sure.    

Rail Museum appear to be a peculiar place for pre-wedding couple shoot. An incredible venue, wherein you can potentially come up with amazing shots that you’ve always wanted for your pre-wedding. Pre-wedding shoots have gained enormous popularity among couples today because it offers freedom for them to express their emotions and enjoy life prior to marriage.  


The dress and theme...    

I would recommend not to be too traditional. Try to be normal or classic with the touches.     

At Rail Museum, you will get a series of angles to choose from concerning your shoot. Make your pre-wedding shoot as unique as ever by allowing your photographer to get the best out of the place and present good shots of all angles.    

A proper rail restaurant is provided inside a dummy train in the museum. Check out the food and get clicked there as well. Knows the cosmos, it turns out to be your best shot.   


For a rustic backdrop and edgy aesthetically inclined pictures, Delhi’s Rail Museum is an off-the-beaten-track choice.     

Surrounded by greenery, it makes for a photogenic, unusual album on a fun pre-wedding photoshoot.


Time to capture the love with ages-old means of transportation. Variation represents a different culture and the belonging, like the old British trains.   


It would be easy yet memorable and romantic pre-wedding clicks. Make sure you've got too much of room in your album. 

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