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What would be your perfect definition of heaven?    

Just nature, the valleys, the mountains, the lakes and the fountains, the ice and the fog, the sun shines to make the flowers blossom. The people always at peace and smiling.    

The above is my definition of a paradise. I'm quite sure, it matches yours as well.    

If you're trying to guess it, there are several places like this on earth, and India as well.   

Today's journey is about the most beautiful paradise, Kashmir.    

Kashmir is a scenic land of tranquil beauty. A longstanding dispute over control of the region ensures that life for Kashmiris is anything but tranquil.     

Kashmir is a whole territory, all of its regions are photogenic and spell abound love. All the roads, the parks, the houses can be taken as a site dedicated to being captured. Capturing one view and missing the another would be such an injustice to it.    

The best way to start the shoot is to get up in the morning when the sun rises. Get the cameraman and start your day trail. Wherever you feel to be captured, either tell your cameraperson or he'll do it himself.  The tea at a roadside dhaba can be captured to be more precious and sentimental than a five-star lounge.    

You can get captured at the lakes in the traditional Kashmiri wears, the lady holding flowers and you rowing a boat in a froze lake. The nearby tea gardens can be another even perfect spot for the shot. The lady would look lovely in the attire matching the surrounding.    

Everything from the sunrise to the sunset can be captured, either posed or candids. Believe me, the candids are more vivid. So, tell your camera person to click as many of them as he can.    

It is a paradise on earth. 

You would make a very appreciating decision to choose Kashmir as your favorite spot for these amorous captures.

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