An Efficient Wedding Budget

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Your wedding is a festival to celebrate, a one-time celebration of a lifetime. You're getting a person for life, the better half of yours. Not just a social belief but ancestral and spiritual level bonding is to be celebrated.   

The thing about money is, there are no limits up to which you can spend. You can be thrifty or overly extravagant depends on your choices, but what about the post-wedding days?   

Won't the money you save of a lavish wedding be a fund which can buy comforts and securities for your family(Perhaps the new one).   

Considering this, here are a set of pieces of advice to be considered...    

  • Know your financial condition: The estimation of your condition is the most vital thing to be done. Know your finances, arrange all the money that you'll be needing for at least 3 months from your wedding. Then consider the rest and plan from that into the expenditure.

  • Track every penny that you spend: Create a document with three expense columns: Estimated, Modified, and Actual. Amounts under Estimated will be driven by the research of costs in your area, proposals from the vendors you choose will go in Modified, and the final amount you pay them will go in Actual.

  • Divide the divided budget into pieces: Once an estimated budget is created, divide your budget for the expenditure domains, like 1.5 lakhs in the venue, 30K in the music band, 40K for the beverages, 20K on the photography and so on. If the vendor you choose offers at a rate above your budget, either cross some items or find another vendor.

  • Spend responsibly: Yup, you're having an access to all the credit cards and other shopping cards but know that credit is a really bad option to make lavish expenditures. You do have to pay the credits one day or another, that too on a much much higher interest. This might decrease your credit score and also can risk the future financial securities of you and your loved ones.

  • Seek ways to be frugal: Being frugal isn't a bad thing, you just spend on things which are necessary and you seek ways to get discounts wherever possible. The wedding expenses are not petty, they're high enough that if you save some from all the expenditures, you'll get something nice as an add-on to spend it on.  Try a salon instead of a professional beautician, try to decrease the no. of vendors, it'll ease your time and you can ask for larger discounts, do all the card folding and relevant paper items on yourself, it saves ample funds and the children of your family would enjoy doing it as they get a participation.    

  • Choose your venue efficiently: Believe it or not, construction of a house costs way lesser than its furnishing and decoration. So is the thing with the wedding venue. The rental of venue is not too much usually, but the decoration charges get it overall elevated.

Don't be aggressive, think smartly. An extra layered table curtain might cost just 200 but when multiplied with 50 tables, it's a considerably big expense.  


Think, this day is an important day in your life, but the days to come will be even more important. For one single day, smartness doesn't commend risking your married life.

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