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They are thinking when they get a tattoo, never asked that? The truth is that getting a tattoo is a very important decision because the tattoo escort us to the grave, sure many will say that it is now possible to remove them with lasers, the truth is it’s very expensive, painful and leave scars, so they I recommend you think through what their bodies tattooed.

Currently, the tattoo koi is a very common design for both men and women, and many of us feel this strange animal reflected mainly linked to the Chinese and Japanese culture.


The Japanese tattoo art is one of the most fascinating and perhaps painful. Traditionally, the tattoo artist uses fine needles mounted on a stick of wood and inserted quickly into the skin of the client, as a tap of a hammer. The Japanese word that describes this technique is “Horimono” a word that comes from the verb meaning Horu: record, carving, chiseling, carving or styling. By extension the term “Horimono” refers to materials and procedures and in particular the insertion of ink under the skin for decorative purposes and so that it is permanent. This is not a particularly fast process due to the length and complexity of the designs tattooed and usually can last a couple of months.

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