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For a modern-day youth, arranged marriage is a direful term.  

How's that impression made? Indian society wasn't so free and independent since always. 

There was a time when only the elders of a family used to make decisions for the entire family. Since I'm not talking about sexism, just the elders would be considered, otherwise, only the male elders were the decision makers.  

Be it the education from the primer level, or the subjects to be chosen for secondary and the graduation. Who gets to go where for studies, the sense of dressing, everything was the decision of their guardians. They said it to be guardianships, as they just wanted good for their children, family, and society.  

If the children were not considered mature enough to make choices like educational interests, how in the world could they have made proper choices for the life partners?    

Even though the time has changed, the term has considerably been carrying the same emotional association.    

Today, the time is different, even though the term is the same, the marriages happen in the consent of both.     

Modern meanings associated...    

It's just the mutual form of love marriages. The family finds the better half for you, all you're to do is to consider whether he/she is good enough for you. If not they'll look for another one.   

The matrimonial websites have made this concept a further ease, as the parents don't have to literally skim through the entire family relational trees to find an appropriate person.  

Just create a profile, add your info, add what you do look for, the smart-tech does all the matching and you get suggestions.   

Now, if you like, contact them, and there you go. Otherwise, wait for a while more.     

Patience is the key buddy.    

Bingo, marrying someone was never easier right.   

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 We hung up with you from the very first day after you decide to get married, till your honeymoon.

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