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Out of the blue, when your partner goes down on a knee, asking you the one significant question you’ve always imagined being asked, your happiness exceeds every limit and you can’t wait to share the news of your engagement with the world. Your ‘Will You Marry Me’ moment is so special that you don’t want to spoil it’s perfection, even if it’s on the social sites. You want every detail of your announcement to be pitch-perfect, so before you change that relationship status on Facebook or start that Instagram story, take a look at these 6 creative ways on how you can pop the scoop to your friends online.    

How ‘Bout A Ring Selfie?  And we’re not talking about the typical one! Ring selfies are a trend widespread and to make a lovey-dovey announcement, nothing could be more precise, just remember to keep the ring in focus.   

Pet Duty: Get your pet to do the honors!    #FollowMeTo, The Rest Of Our Lives Together  Admit it, from the moment you put that ring on, showing it off is all your heart desires, and why not, it is one big rock! Getting a #FollowMeTo photo-shoot will hit both the birds with a stone.      

Use The Props: When words aren’t enough, use creative props to speak your heart out!    Write It Down  Getting hitched is one big decision, one that deserves even more personal touch when you’re breaking the word to everyone. Get your hands inked with the spell of your love and trust us, the aww moment won’t get any better than this.    

Say It Out Loud:  There’s no limit to getting creative when it is your engagement we’re talking about. Wandering off the cliffs and putting a hoarding to sharing the big news is not a usual pull off. But then you can always capture your ‘She said Yes’ moment get photoshop to do the job!  

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