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In India Marriage is a public affair and more than the people directly concerned ( the bride and the groom) the " other related humans" get more anxious about the entire event. Some do not even bother to ask the MAN and the WOMAN whether they really want to do it! Neither will  'one- stop wedding planners' like MubaraQho disappear from the country nor the chances to marry , so guys before you seriously want to get married think.. its going to be a responsibility with a dash of fun though!

One needs to have a life of their own too, and no one can deny you from this right. If you want to explore different facets of life before your wedding bells ring .. go for it . Along with the approval of your fiance your planning should also be kept in mind . However there is no such mandatory implication to it .. one can plan out things after their marriage too but it will always be advisable to at least start off with your career beforehand. Your Hubby Handsome will be doing his part of financing you but wont it be better to be independent and at least learn how to earn your own bread?

Being in love is necessary for any marriage (wonder how "peace-treaty "like arranged marriages work) , but a bit more is require -- responsibility . Its almost like starting a partnership where the contribution of both are needed . Not necessarily does one need to have a high bank balance , a pot full of degrees etc  but the dedication to turn this partnership into a beautiful one, a peaceful one.

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