Benefits Of Wearing A Saree And Related Values

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Sarees are blessings of Hindu culture. And the pallu of sarees has such a great spiritual and utility beliefs associated with it.  

In rural India, yet the wedded ladies never get out in front of a man without a pallu, some peculiar beliefs here as well.  

When a child is born, mother's pallu is its first cloth in which it's draped. Also, the pallu was used as a swing for the newborn in ancient India.  

The child was believed to learn how to walk, holding the pallu of the mother.  

It was believed that wearing western clothes increased stress among the family as it attracted negative energies, and wearing traditional dresses like saree and dhoti kurta made people abiding by their values and consumed stress.    

Some values believed to be associated were:  

  • Modesty  
  • A serene mind  
  • Awakening of maternal feelings  
  • Associated feelings with a diety( ladies are believed to be goddesses)  
  • Increase in Kshatravrutti(nature of a warrior)   

 I don't know how much of this is true, but ladies, know that guys love to see their girls in a saree. Sarees are associated to be a traditional dress for a wedded one. And when they see you in a saree, they feel something profound in you.

 I'm sure about this.    

So, maybe occasionally, but, do wear sarees.

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