Best Baraat Songs to Drive Your Feet

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Baraat is a customary culture in Indian communities, especially North Indian communities, for the bridegroom to travel to the wedding venue (often the bride's house) on a mare, accompanied by his family members.   

This is not a quiet and diplomatic journey, but too much of savage bunch of people celebrating as if they got victory over a war.     

Baraat is usually accompanied by a whole orchestra, beautiful lightenings and several street dancers trying to dance the hell out of their feet. And dancing is the best part of a baraat.      

The problem is, you can't dance without a great song and beats. The better the song, harder you can bounce over it.     

Here I present you some Baraat songs pumping excess of adrenaline in your blood to just rock the journey (so called)...    

1)Munni Badnaam: This song from Dabangg is a real not-so-classic classic make your feet bounce.   

2)Chiggy Wiggy: The song from The movie "Blue", is a classic dancing icon song.    

3)Razia: This song from Thank You is again a renowned pumping favorite.    

4)Desi Boys: This song is the title song, which won't let you your feet stop at all.    Want something more desi? Here is my next one...    

5)Lollipop Lage Lu: This is a Bhojpuri song, an all-time favorite of the world. This song just sets the fire, no matter whether you understand it or not. It's a comparatively slow one, but you'll get to showcase your fast moves always.    

6)Naagin Dance: This song from Bajatey Raho is another blood pumping song. The beats and the music is just awesome.    

I see you missing something, Honey Singh?...    

8)Angrezi Beat: This awesome song is my all-time favorite to dance my beast down. It's a Punjabi rocking song, with enough of bass to thump you.      

The song choices are always made by the audience and the dancers(street of course), and seriously, you don't need to know the "D" of dance, and you can still be the dance icon of the baraat.   

Tell your favorite song or handle the list to the DJ is all you're supposed to do. 

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