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"The love of me and my beloved shall thrive, 

 The day of my wedding shall thence arrive, 

 Distant be the chaos, and the rut be afar, 

 Somewhere, in the hills, underneath stars we are, 

 Merrily, we sing the song of tranquility and joy, 

 For, the day will be remembered for eternity of its foy "     

The Dreams of meeting our soulmate comes with the perfect context we want to meet them in. Afterall, it's a pursuit of a lifetime and we're meeting them for we know we'll share eternal memories with the one.  

So, It can be guessed, what importance would the place of our unification, the surrounding where our soles would be bound together, holds. Well, it's prominent that the choice of the destination varies immensely from couple to couple and family.  

However, all they want is a memorable day, with the most enchanting surrounding, amongst the loved ones. A ceremony that would be remembered for eternity, as a citation of love.    

Here are some of the most beautiful destinations in India, where you can plan your wedding:  

1) Udaipur(Rajasthan): It's pronounced as "The Venice of the east", for being located near azure lakes and lush green Aravali hills. Its natural beauty is so alluring that, poets lack words defining it.  Apart from its serene nature, it's a city of monuments and ancient royal architecture.  So, if you are one looking for a Royal marriage, this place is your paradise.    

2)Kerela: If you kind of love lush green vegetations and gardens, by the waters, Kerala is the perfect place to plan your wedding at. Choices can be a ceremony at Varkala or Kovalam amongst the straggling tea gardens of Munnar, or the Kochi port, leaving memorable everlasting views and moments.    

3)Himachal Pradesh: To all the valley and ice lovers, cities here can leave some of the most memorable views and moments of a lifetime.  

The hills and the cool breeze flowing will witness all the moments of your love with your family and beloved.    

4)Darjeeling(West Bengal): How can we forget of Darjeeling if we're talking about almighty tall mountains and cold weather, and lush greenery in the other half of the year. Darjeeling and Shimla are yet one amongst most preferred places for lovers of nature and serenity.    

5)Goa: Sea beach lovers, here is your call. At Goa, you can have an amazing Beach Side destination wedding. You can also go for a yacht wedding(Good for small families).  

Goa is amongst the most visited Honeymoon spot in India.  And here we get some mouthwatering luscious seafood.    

6)Andaman and Nicobar islands: Woah, we're amid the sea now,  surrounded by water all sides. If peace is what you love, you can get one of the most serene and peaceful beachside weddings here. Guess what's for the dessert!...  Yeah! seafood, lots of its variations and azure blue sea, how can it not allure someone.    

7)Rishikesh: Rishikesh is amongst the holiest places in India. Tying the know on the banks of Ganges, to sanctify the bond to be formed. More is here, Rishikesh provides a very enticing and traditional wedding, that too with a Royal accent.    

These were seven of the best places to tie the Knot, or to visit with your beloved. you will leave with some unforgettable memories.

Contact us to plan your valentine moments, we make sure your wedding day would leave merry memories for eternity.

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