Cakes-The Sweetest Delight

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Let me take you on a voyage of a creamy land. It was one of a kind, so beautiful, so sweet, the chocolate lakes and the strawberry fountains. The vanilla rivers used to provide the necessary drinks for life. 

The food was not a problem, after all, it was a place so blessed. Every tree gave plenty to eat and even the sun was very Amiable.   

The king in the rule was one big stuffed cake. So almighty but so generous, the kingdom was in grace. Sometime in blueberry, sometimes in bourbon, the king was elegantly dressed.    

One day the gods paid a visit to the lord of creams, 

you're so delicious, and so is your fantasies and dreams,  

all the varied celebrations lack one very sweet bite,  

yours can be the representative of the sweetest celebration delight...    

From that day onwards, the cakes have been an essential part of any festive celebration. Be it birthdays or the weddings, the cakes are a must.   

This might be a fiction, despite, the delight of the cakes can't be underestimated. 

 More in my next story...  

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