Cakes-The Tender Taste Of Love

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No matter how merry and festive the celebrations be, the sweet delight of a cake is irreplaceable. 

  The cakes are not just the bread cladding the creams with some flavor touch-ups.  

You might understand its importance when I share with you a fact that cakes are being cut for birthdays and weddings since the ancient Roman civilizations.  

Yeah dear, it has been ages since cakes are being cut.  

The only difference is that the very special citizens got a cake of celebration, mostly the noble people.  Since we're noble most amongst the society, we get to cut one.   

Kidding...  Along with the cutting of cakes came the blowing of candles. 

It was believed, the smoke from blowing the candle had the potency to bless a wish to the person who blew it.    

Even today, cakes have been of utmost importance in every celebration, especially a birthday and a wedding.    

However, you don't objectively need a celebration to cut a cake and share it with me.    

Looking for the sweetest cake, we choose the best bakeries for you...  

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