Capture The Most Precious Moments Of Love

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You saw them for the first time!  

You had your first date!  

Your first hug, first kiss, the rain made you wet, the coffee when you felt cold.  

You met your in-laws.


We never run out of all the very precious and sweet memories we hold with our loved ones. Although, all the memories spent with them, be it sweet or sour, are very near to our beats.   

Here I tell you some of the ways to keep the sweet moments alive so that when you get back to them sitting together quietly, you'll never go out of love.    

1)Gifts which last: Gifts might be chocolates and flowers, but add something like a bracelet or maybe a pendant which can be kept forever. Spend more on the eternal stuff.   

2)Click the moments: The best way to preserve the moments is to click the special ones. Maybe your phone and digital accessories have tons of memory, but keep your special memories in hard copy. They have a kind of natural touch which is always good with memories.   

3)Give your all: Be it the time or your emotions, be very generous to your loved ones. For, it's you who need them, to be happy and it's your obligations to keep them happy which will keep you happy in turn.    

4)Handloom Gifts: In this digital culture, maybe you can get tons of gifting suggestions with a single click, but trust me, nothing will be more valuable of a gift if you put a bit of your work and your emotions with your bare hands for your loved ones.     

5)Keep patterns unique to you: Be it the combination of flowers or an attire to your date, keep it unique. It would leave a kind of unconscious feeling and your beloved would understand easily, that it's your gift, just at a glance.    

6)Always give more: In a relationship, always be the side who gives more than what he takes. Always be the first one to ask for a sorry and be willing to forgive. If you really love a person, it should not bother who is wrong, until you both are together.  

 "Love is a gift, very rare to be found and very elaborate to keep."  

Keep loving unconditionally.  

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