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Weddings are an important part of our life . Every man and woman wishes to look exemplary and unique during their wedding . In today's time especially in our country India brides are dressed very beautifully and are expected to look fine and elegant . Brides are adorned in jewellery from a very long period of time and till date collection of bridal jewellery is quite prominent . Usually the jewellery include the necklace which fits the neck and is quite small and then comes a bid longer necklace with layers of studded stones or gold chains . In the north of India it's called Chandrahaar or Panache.  Among the Muslim community the bride's family give the bride 2 sets of necklaces and the groom's side gets a longer necklace . Nose rings are quite trendy nowadays . Usually the nose rings are bigger than usual . The Mang Tika is a jewellery worn on the head right in the middle and jhoomar comes on the sides . Finger rings are mostly of gold and the bride wears a set of bangles in red called the Chooda.  Toe rings and anklets are usually of silver worn by brides after marriage .      The clothing of bride usually is quite expensive and silk is the fabric chosen for weddings . Ghagra and Choli are the standard costumes fir bride . Many people choose silk saris for the bride . Benarasi silk saris are most commonly worn by the Muslim brides. The Mezar or the red Georgette Veil is compulsory for every Muslim bride . Fishtail lehengas are also very popular among brides. They beautifully accentuate the waist and hips and also give you a flatteringly different look.           Men are usually dressed in Salwaar suits in traditional rituals and stick to modern suits of the finest fabrics . Silver rings  are given to the groom by the bride's family . Apart from which there isn't any significant jewellery worn by the groom . With changing times and fashion trends, Indian wedding dresses have undergone a sea change in terms of design and style. Designers are now experimenting with a varied colour palette, contemporary silhouettes and modern lines. Modern Indian wedding dresses are not jarringly ostentatious anymore. The philosophy of ‘less is more’ is catching on and designers are working on producing bridal wear that packs in intricate craftsmanship that is impressive, while striving to keep the dress comfortable at the same time.

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