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A day when two souls are bound by consecrating spells, when two bodies unite and vow to understand the other and always giving them preference over self.  

Marrying someone is one of the purest ceremonies in which not just the two people are involved but a ceremony to unite two bloodlines. Weddings unite the two souls under blessings of the very ancestors.  

Well, we spend all our time and money on all the arrangements and the venue and the rituals. Music and songs are very spices which are necessary to kindle the mood apart from all the lavish arrangements.   

 Here are some of the songs to burn the mood festive:    

1) Raabta(Agent vinod) : This song is one which can be dedicated to your beloved, conveying how long awaited this wedding has been for you, and you're incomplete without them.    

2) Tum hi ho (Aashiqui 2): A very sweet melody again in the name of your beloved, expressing that your existence is, but with your better half.    

3)Heer( Jab tak hai jaan): A sweet melody in the name of your beloved describing his name engraved in your soul.    

4)Ambarsariya(Fukrey): The song from fulkrey brings a naughty charm to your very new relationship.    

5)Kaala chashma( Baar baar dekho): A hot party song comes with your feet on the floor. Of course you need to break the floor with your moves.   

 Want some more beats? Here you go..    

6)Twist( Love aaj kal): A rocking party song to showcase your moves and lush style. You don't have to stop yourself from going wild and crazy over the floor.    

Not enough for you? I'm not finished either.    

7) Badtameez dil(ye jawani hai diwani): This song has been my favourite since I heard it for first, I present you one more floor to go savage. Just mind your feet.    

Weddings to be very specific need a very festive combination of moods, which can be enhanced by the music and the songs running.   

Worry not! for, we're here to kindle the love and heat in the air.  

Here at  mubaraQho, we provide you the best for your best day, just contact us and we take care of the rest.

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