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Heard you're one who loves the nature at its moderate beauty.  Also, you plan to get married when the buds are excited to blossom.  

 Perhaps, what can be more of a beauty when the entire nature is at its tender bloom. And you two souls getting united into one, witnessed by an environment so puerile. The birds singing along with your ceremony bells.    

Places where nature is always blooming :    

1) Darjeeling(West Bengal): Darjeeling is known for its greenery amongst the country. When the cold season drains sweat and ice melts down, Darjeeling is again ready to capture eyesights with its greenery.    

2)Munnar(Kerela): A place where the lush greenery touches the sky. Along with the blissful culture, Kerela takes care of your very special day so that you and your beloved, along with all your guests can all keep this wedding as a one time in life experience.    

3)Kozhikode( Kerela): A city of Kerala known for its sandy beaches, cultural heritage and all the serene romance in the air.  It's a must to be considered place for a spring wedding.   

4)Pondicherry(Tamil Nadu): A French colony settled in India can be a very astounding experience for a spring season wedding. Pondicherry offers a French touch to the context you plan for your wedding, including dresses and food, even decor.    

5)Udaipur(Rajasthan): Well, Udaipur might not be a land of spring but yes, with its bliss of nature and the lakes, it's not any less than a royal paradise for your wedding.    

6)Amritsar(Punjab): Amritsar is a city of holiest gurudwara and its countryside wedding blesses you a very Punjabi touch in your attire, cultures and the food.   

Of course, you can't just miss overdose of makkhan in the lassi served.    

7)Dehradun(Uttarakhand): Uttarakhand is a city of origination blessed rivers like Ganga, thence, the city is sanctified and blessed with natural sceneries like hills, valleys, and plain lush land.  

You seriously have a lot of choices at Dehradun, all too very economical. And Ganga is there to chant your love pure and eternal.    

Well, confused with your choices? Got something else in your mind?    

Tell us, what picture, you have about your wedding, we'll take care of the rest.

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