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You are about to be married, so, what I present here might help you out. 

There might be differences between you and your spouse, you might be a veg but they starve meat, you might like soft melodies and them loving rock, and so very many.  

But what if I tell you that these differences are actually going to be a bliss in your life.  

Would you really like to marry your own self, with all your flaws and complexities?    

Then why would you marry at all...    

The idea of marrying is about survival and evolution which comes through the differences endured in your life. It's not about love but compatibility and maturity.    

Some tips...  

  •  Know that going through hardships with your differences is easier. Ego is bad, stay conscious.    
  • Never criticize the personality, rather, the situation to instantiate how you feel. Your spouse isn't bad, just the situation is. You'll live with your spouse, not the situation itself.    
  • If you see flaws, try to help to overcome, rather than underlining them. It always matters how you see and feel about them.    
  • Some differences come on psychological and neural levels with sex. Mens can't do multitasking very well, so don't try to talk to him when he's driving or watching the news.   

Ladies might love shopping, it's a way to release stress as they're presented a diverse choice. In case of men, it's stressful.    

Just know that your relationship is worth much more than your ego. Always be the first one to apologize and to forgive.

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