Don't Let The Busy Days Steal Away Your Health, Try This Diet

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These have been the very busiest of the moments in your life for sure. No matter when you started your wedding preparations, it's always getting exhausting as the final months and days arrive.  

Yup, the final shopping, the cards haven't been delivered, the caterer is a mess, the wedding planner is out of town, the reception venue still not decided. Uff, wasn't it better without a wedding itself. So much of stress here.    

Hey, take a chill pill, calm down, drink cold water, meditate, and think what you would be having after these tedious days pass by.

 A whole new life with a person you love, a new family, all your stress will be 50% someone else's, and you will legitimately owe that person, just for you for the rest of your life.

 So, don't you think, at least this much of stress is worthy of all that upcoming?    

Know this, howsoever busy these days are, you won't just be taking a month leave from everything just to recover the health you messed up.   

What's the cure?

Simple dear, don't take your health for granted in your preparations. It's about priorities, keep it ahead of all your wedding ruts.    

Here are some of the healthy diet suggestions to abide by...  

Get your fluids by drinking water, juice, and caffeine-free tea and coffee and by eating soups. Skin tissue needs rehydration to look plump and healthy.    

  • Eat low glycemic index foods. To prevent acne and breakouts, avoid sugars, starches, potatoes, and desserts.
  • Foods that are high on the glycemic index are loaded with carbohydrates and can worsen acne, aggravate rashes, and speed the breakdown of collagen in your skin, not to mention that they can cause you to become bloated and to store fat.
  • Consume lots of antioxidants. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, beans, nuts, and green tea. Stock up on bright colored fruits, berries, and dark leafy greens the next time you go to the market. For beta-carotene, drink plenty of carrot juice and try to eat at least one sweet potato a week. Enjoy dark chocolate. Look for minimally processed cocoa and chocolate for the highest concentration of protective antioxidants to help fight free radical damage.
  • Healthy fats are also an important part of a diet for beautiful skin. Eat plenty of omega-3 fatty acids from salmon, dark green vegetables, and flaxseed. Drinking water and fresh vegetable juices with gooseberry can help to keep the skin hydrated and prevent a dull complexion.
  • You need to have enough protein in your diet to support hair growth as more than 90 percent of your hair is made up of protein. Foods such as meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and dairy products are high in protein. Vegetarians can get protein from plant sources such as soybeans, seeds, and nuts. Indian diet is rich in dals and lentils which are a healthy form of protein. Beta-carotene encourages hair growth and prevents hair loss. Dark green leafy veggies, carrots, pumpkin are important in the diet. Broccoli, sweet potato is to increase your Vitamin A levels in the diet. Vitamin C helps your body absorb iron. It also helps keep your blood vessels healthy, helps prevent hair breakage, and promotes hair growth.
  • Say no to sugar and sweets for ‘good’. Eat at least two seasonal fruits in a day. Lunch should be wholesome and fill as the main meal of the day. Recognize your hunger time and pack your healthy snack accordingly. Exercising is very important to tone up the body.

The lifestyle and the routines change abruptly post the wedding. So, it's vital to maintain your internal gut and stamina to handle the changes. Get a good night sleep and get up at dawn. A bit of exercise and yoga would work great. Take regular dry fruits and juices. Detoxify your body at least once a week by fasting.    

These points might not be followed properly due to a busy schedule of these days. A dietitian is all that you need.   

 “The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don't want, drink what you don't like, and do what you'd rather not.”   

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