Elegance Meets The Vogue- The Love Bands

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The definition of fashion might be different for individuals, but one thing widely accepted is that fashion should meet comfort.  

Be it plain sneakers with a solid sweatshirt, or dull cargo denim,  everything absurd and creative sounds stylish.    

Not just in clothing, but also the accessories and jewelry, we do get new trends every season. Once the season goes off, change your stuff accordingly.    

Perhaps, you can be adaptive with the dresses and the accessories as per the trend, but precious jewels are not that handy with change. You can't buy these every season. That too considered only if you don't have investment plans with the jewels. If you do, you would like to hold onto them as investments.     

Considering the weddings, the most important jewel is the rings. These satisfy perfectly the investment and fashion, both the domains. Even in the case of bankruptcy, these can't be taken away from you.    

Now, the traditional rings might be attractive and elegant, but most of them don't fit comfortably in the fingers. Here comes the panacea, the love bands are modestly designed rings in a pair, one for each. The best part is, the design of one compliments the other. You too would appear more similar and stylish as a couple. One more important thing is that, mostly, these bands are very much more comfortable than the other rings, for their simplicity.     

Nowadays, almost all the brands have their exclusive collection range of these. However, the best bands I personally found were from the Tata Tanishq's collection.     

There are private designers collections as well from varied choices...

When you ask for the rings this time, ask for these bands. It would be a fashion statement for you two as a couple, along with being traditional.

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