Engraving your wedding ring or initial rings can make

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Engraving your wedding ring or initial rings[https://www.getnamenecklace.com/photo-necklace] can make them even more special and sentimental, especially when you choose a message that has a special meaning for you. A traditional inscription will include things like the wedding date and your names, but choosing something more personal to each of you will provide more of a sentimental feeling every time you read it - whether it is a phrase that is personal between just you two or a phrase from a song or poem.

If you decide to inscribe you will want to give the inscription some serious thought, so you may want to start thinking about it early. But you don't have to have the inscription done right away, you can always have it added later. Just make sure you have the custom birthstone ring[fashion] sized before you have it engraved because sizing the monogram ring could effect the engraving.

Types of Ring Engraving

There are two types of engraving, machine or hand. Machine engraving is done with engravers that are power-driven and they usually work off of templates. To create the letters they spread the metal. Because they often work off of templates your options may be a little more limited with this method, but it is usually the lower cost option.

Hand engraving is done with a miniature chisel called a graver. A graver comes in different shapes allowing the engraver to create different looks, including different lettering and in some cases intricate symbols. A skilled engraver is often times an artisan capable of creating an inscription in a variety of text styles.

Choosing An Engraver

Before you choose the right person for the job there are some questions you should ask: Ask to see samples of their work, whether they engrave by hand or machine. As you evaluate the samples pay attention to depth of the engravings. Are they deep or shallow? If they are too shallow they could wear away easier over time. Ask where the job will be done. Will the cheap promise rings be sent out or will they be inscribed right there? If they are sent somewhere else there will be a greater risk of loss. Ask if the best friend rings are insured while in the engraver or jewelers possession, whether they are engraved in-house or sent elsewhere.


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