Enough Practicing-Deliver Your Wedding Speech

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Weddings are elaborate events with complex fused emotions in the breeze.   

Complex and fused, both altogether? Sounds dire right...  

It isn't. It's a fusion of all the merry emotions, and the love is in the air. So, the speech you deliver should be something of a memory and fun.    

How do you prepare for it?  Have you delivered a speech ever in your life, if not, you might be among most of the people who fear public speaking more than being buried alive...  

First of all, write the entire speech with all the moments you wanted sharing. Read it thrice and break it into multiple cues. Cues should remind you of the vital points you want to present.    

What next? Three things... Practice, practice, and practice itself...  

Practice in front of the mirror, just enough that you're able to put your words easily.    

Practicing in front of a mirror won't help too much if you're to deliver afore an audience. So, practice in front of your family and your friends, just to hoist some confidence.    

Go see the context you're to deliver your speech to. The place where the mic is kept, your audience space, and everything. Create a virtual image of the context and practice according to that. Let it be as fluent as possible.    

Deliver it to the real audience...  

Time to present whatever you worked for this long. 

Just remember these things:  

  • When you hold the mic, you're the one in power. All the rest are just to listen to the interesting facts you want to share. Some concealed moments can be unveiled and it would be fun. Maybe profound emotions, like how and why you love the bride and the groom.  
  • Don't rush, no-one is in hurry. Go, take your time, flow through your audience once and make eye contact with everyone with a smile before you start(at least try). This will bring "the audience" into "your audience".  
  • Greet them and ask how are they feeling and tell how you're feeling. Hide your nervousness and be natural.  
  • Hold the cue cards you made and use them to remind the points, even if you're sure to remember the speech, it will hike your confidence.  
  • Start the speech, wish the wedded couple and go on. The audience is all yours after all.    

Always keep this in mind, "Giving a perfect speech is not about what you want to present before your audience, but what they want you to present."    

All the very best. You're ready to burn the dash now.

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