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A celebration is not a celebration without people to share it with you. What of a celebration if you enjoy on just yourself.     

Your wedding is a long-awaited celebration for you and your friends and family. They appear to your ceremony to bless the couple and to be a part of your merry. You're so lucky to have such great relatives.    

Now, it's your turn you take care of them a little as well. Let us make your D-Day one amongst the most favorite topic to be in talks, related to hosting of guests.    

Wondering how? This is how...  

  • Bid them with a smile:  There are literally a lot of things that can be done, but bidding something like, "Thank you so much that you came, I was so afraid if you would be able to make some time", that too with a sweet smile tells your guests how hard you wanted them to be a part of your wedding. Don't underestimate the power of just a smile.

  • Take care of your loved ones: If you celebrate at a summer noon, make avail of some sunglasses and sunscreens to protect them from the sun. Even a variety of refreshment drinks would be a nice gesture.  If rain is anticipated, arrange some umbrellas for them. It would be so caring of you and they'll love you so much more for such a consideration.

  • Have special arrangements for children: Wedding ceremonies are stuff for grown-ups, the children won't like too much to sit around and see you two vowing the other. They'll be making a fuss and their parents won't be able to enjoy your wedding fully. Arrange a room arranged with chocolates and candies, adding some comics and toys will be a nice step. Hire a babysitter for the day, and you can help your parent friends enjoy your wedding.

  • Entertain your guests: If you plan for a long evening with intermediate halts between two events of your ceremony, try to keep some plans for engaging your guests. You can arrange some couple oriented games for them or anything which is a convenience but fun.

  • Comfort matters: This one is a kind gesture to arrange some pairs of flip flops for the ladies in the heels.

  • Arrange a pleasant good bye: When the day is over, try to thank everyone in person to attend your wedding, making it a memorable one. Make sure that everyone gets a convenient transportation, at least up to a commutation path where they can find a transportation. This is even more important if you choose a distant place from the busy city.

Make sure, this event is not any less of a memory for the ones attending it, rather more.

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