Flowers Bloom And Feed The Soul

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What is life? ...  

Is it innocent? ...  

Is it sturdy?...  

Is it merry? ...  

Does it instill pain? ...    

For the answer to all these questions, I would say, "go see a flower grow".  

Innocent? Don't you feel a flower to be innocent enough? They are most beautiful creatures of nature after women.  

Sturdy? Yeah, they are, for they've seen so many hardships, pains, and even death.  

Merry? Aren't they...Be it the birthday of your spouse or you wish someone get well soon, doesn't it brings happiness...  

Painful? Well, it depends on the definition, how you define pain, like, for me, pain is something that tells you to be persistent because you're going in the right direction. Rose has thorns, but it has the ability to get you the love of your life, is it instilling pain, or it causes merry to you. For me it's blissful. 

Any dimension of life can be related to flowers for a better understanding of life. And the flowers are generous enough to lose their lives for your happiness.    

There are so very many beliefs associated with different flowers in different stages of life.  

Flowers are more than just definition of love and the innocent beauties but they express your feelings to someone, something you could not speak of, perhaps in the role of the bestie.  

It's a meditation practice to concentrate on the petals of a rose for some minutes to get over all your worries and impairment. see, flowers can heal.    

There are several things to talk about these untainted lives, as I'll do in my next story.   

mubaraQho is a platform which brings the remedies to all your worries related to the events under one name.  

Contact us and let's take care of all the rest...  

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