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Apart from their luxurious decoration and splendor celebration, Indian weddings are known for their delectable food. Earlier a Halwai along with his team used to take care of the entire menu but recently professional wedding caterers have replaced them in the kitchen of the wedding venue. Check out the taste of Indian wedding in different regions of India.

The type of food that is served in Indian weddings depends on state to state and community to community. However, the basics i.e. appetizers first, the main course second and the dessert in the end, remains more or less the same. Let’s find out some of the traditional food served in various regions of India.

North India

The guests in the North India are treated with scrumptious traditional food item such as Dal Makhani, Chaat, Shahi Paneer, Pani Poori, Dahi Poori, Cocktail Kachori, Paan (Betel Leaf), etc. These dishes receive great accolades for being in a wedding meal.

South India 

The Indian Wedding Caterers offering catering service in South ensure that they keep dishes such as Kuzhi Paniyaram (South India Chaat), Masala Vadai, Bajji (an all-time favorite snack of south Indians),Kanchipuram Idly, Unniappam, Adai Aviyal, etc.

East India

A Bengali wedding typically consists of Muri Ghonto (a non-veg dish), Macher Kaalia (a fish dish), Potol Posto (veg), Begun and Bhaja (veg), etc. In dessert, we find, Roshogulla and Mishti Doi. In Bihari weddings, more emphasis is given to sweets and main course.

West India

In a traditional Maharashtra wedding, food is served on banana leaves. The meal is usually vegetarian and use of onion and garlic is avoided in the cooking. Desserts include Jalebi, Shrikhand and basundi. While in Gujarati wedding, traditional food items such as Dhokla, Khakra Roll, Daal or Kadhi, Shaak, etc.Whether the food arrangement is done in-house or outsourced to a Shadi Vendors, it is ensured that there is a massive of spread of good food to pamper the taste buds of the guests attending the nuptial.

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