Have a BIG FAT INDIAN Wedding at the Falaknuma Palace

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Care for your wedding to have a royal touch of heritage ? Taj Falaknuma Palace can be one of the best heritage hotels to spurge your money for your Royal Wedding .

Falaknuma’ means ‘mirror of the sky’ which is why the princess insisted the exterior color be painted more than 100 times until it perfectly matched the color of the sky at dusk. Built by Nawab Vikar-ul-Umra, the former Prime Minister of Hyderabad and then bought by the Nizams. For two centuries (until Indian independence in 1947), seven Nizams ruled Hyderabad and H.H. the 6th Nizam had 17 palaces but he chose this one so you know it’s special. Highlights of the palace interior include 18 types of marble, 16 types of wood and 10 types of chandeliers. The Gol bungalow was modeled after the White House on one side and Buckingham Palace on the other.

Known for its grandeur, Falaknuma Palace is one Marriage venue in Hyderabad which is a hot favourite among celebrities ( Arpita Khan’s wedding was at this place , for which Salman Khan had booked the entire palace for 2 crores for a week!!!!) . The moment you make your way to Falaknuma Palace along the curvy lanes of the hill that leads you to the hotel, you feel like you’re travelling your way back into the time. When you arrive at the hotel, you will be greeted by a chariot, which will take you for a ride until the main palace portico of the hotel. You can bet your nickel, you will end up feeling like a royalty yourself at this royal venue! But it’s just one of the many famous Marriage venue in Hyderabad, there is no dearth of options here! The lush palace lawns make for unforgettable celebrations with a maximum guest capacity of 1600. You can book The Ballroom or the Durbar Hall for a private party allowing only 120 guests there, and if you want a private outdoor venue The Rajasthani Gardens can be booked for 120 guests.

If you have lots of cash, then host a dinner in the Dining room since it’s the world’s most luxurious and has the longest dining table you’ve ever seen, seating 101 people. There are Victorian culinary scenes painted all along the ceiling so the Nizam could just point to what kind of food he wanted for dinner. The Hotel also offer private dining in fairy tale settings especially at Gol Bunglow , with handcrafted menus and impeccable service. The breath-taking palace provides an unparalleled backdrop for picture-perfect memories. The hotel does not allow alcohol and catered food bought from outside its premises , but promises to provide savoury food and drinks from their own services. Fire crackers are not allowed in the venue however overnight wedding and late music are allowed. Outside decors are allowed though. An advance of 50% is required to pay before the weddings.

So if you want to splurge on your wedding highly , make it a Royal Affair at The Taj Falaknuma Palace Hotel , and let it be a historical one !

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