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It is about the significance of improving sleep quality rather than raising the quantum of sleep and explains that this is an important step towards meditativeness. 

Improving sleep quality does not mean sleeping like a stone. But actually, a stone is the wrong example, because, in my experience, stones are very alive – a lot more alive than many human beings. “Sleeping like a log” would be a better expression because a log is dead – it is not a tree anymore. This is not about sleeping like a log, but about sleeping in a live manner – being awake and asleep at the same time. If you bring even a small percentage of this element into your sleep, you will naturally become meditative over a period of time. Meditation not as an act but as a quality will become a part of your existence.    

This aspect can be brought into your life in so many ways, starting with the Shambhavi Mahamudra. Shambhavi means twilight – you are between day and night, night and day. Twilight means you are asleep, but you are awake; you are awake, but you are asleep. Changing the quality of our sleep – not the quantum – is the necessary foundation for someone to become a yogi. In wakefulness, you must be fully awake but if you check the parameters of the body, it must be asleep. In sleep, your body should sleep, your mind should sleep, but you must be awake.    

Might sound insane, but everything profound is insane perhaps. Isn't it? Anything beyond our conscience is insane.    

Sleep your way to true aliveness...  

Aliveness is not an acquired state – it is your nature. “Just being” means being absolute life – not a mind, not a thought, not an emotion, not an ideology, not a philosophy, not a belief system, not a gender, not a race, not a caste, not a creed – just life. If you touch life on this level, you will know by experience that life and the source of life are packed inside each other.    

If you sit here just as a piece of life, there will be no separation between yourself and the Divine. If you cannot simply be yet, at least when you are asleep, simply sleep. It will do many miraculous things. If only you could be awake and asleep at once, you would be in the lap of the Divine for always.

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