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It is about the significance of improving sleep quality rather than raising the quantum of sleep and explains that this is an important step towards meditativeness.   

Asked: I tend to have a lot of visions in my sleep. I was wondering if you could talk about that.    

Enlightened replies: Once, a burglar was caught stealing, and he was taken to the court. On the surface, this man was well-to-do, so the judge asked him, “You have enough in life. Why are you stealing from other people?” The burglar said, “Well, you know, the wise have always said, ‘Whatever a man may have, he always wants more.’” The judge looked at him and said, “Okay. I give you 10 years. If you want more, tell me.”    

Okay, lousy funny, right!    

The Sleep...  

At least in sleep, don’t look for more. It would be fantastic if you did not look for more in wakefulness either – simply be. If that is not possible for you right now, at least in sleep, do not ask for more – simply sleep. You can make sleep into a phenomenally productive process so that you will need less sleep. If you sleep in absolute relaxation, the gene expression and other processes in the body will happen more quickly and more efficiently. That means you will wake up sooner.    

If you are inefficient in wakefulness, it is not good, but we will bear with you. But if you are inefficient even in sleep, death will be the only answer, because that is the only area where you cannot be inefficient. When you die, you die. If you learn to simply sleep, to “simply be” in wakefulness will be the next step.    

Sleep is a state where you are on the edge between the world of sounds and the world of silence, but you can only move into the world of silence when you are aware. You can move through the world of sounds and forms unaware, but you cannot move into the world of silence, which is devoid of any vibration, devoid of any forms, in unawareness.    

We want to use sleep as a platform for awakening, to become one with all that is real, not as a way to become inert, dead, and away from all that is real. When you sleep, you sleep as a part of the earth. Suppose you sleep outside on the grass, you are like a little mound on the earth. If you sleep long enough, you will become a mound.  

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