Honeymoon At The City Of Fairy Tales

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Let me tell you a story... 

 "Once upon a time, there were two individuals, from distinctly different surroundings and background. All they hoped was to find love one day somewhere, someone they could love the days and nights long, someone whom they could trust more than even themselves.

 Fate shined and they met by some means around a corner of a road. They liked spending time with the other and they eventually decided to marry.  

 They always used to talk about a honeymoon at one of most romantic cities of the world, "Venice".  Fate was with them, remember?... They actually went for a honeymoon at Venice itself."

This could be a story of yours, after all, you won't go to a honeymoon frequently no. Kidding...  So, make this one a memorable one.    

"A city where sea, land, and sky come together to fill the love in the soft flow of breeze".  

So much of romance round the world, then why Venice?... This is why:

  • It's a city floating on water. The city is constructed over islands and connected by canals and bridges.
  • All the means of commutation in the most beautiful city in the world are water rides. Can you feel yourself and your spouse on such a voyage(a short romantic one)
  • Haven't you heard of Italian food recipes. Especially the seafood and the bakery. They are scrumptious.
  • The Great Canal is no ordinary canal itself, "it's great", remember no. It's a very famous landmark at Venice, also the sight from it is ineffable in heavenly terms.
  • You're a pizza lover?...This place is your paradise, pizza is one amongst Italian foods with tons of recipes, however, they are not very spicy. If Pizza is your part-time love, you're going to fall in full-time love with pizza.
  • As I've known you, you appreciate modern art, so this city is full of modern and ancient art pieces, galleries and museums. You'll surely return with some eternal exotic memories full of Amour.
  • Italy is no India, you can kiss your spouse anywhere, anytime.

"This place is rated the most romantic and beautiful city in the world.  The heaven on earth, to celebrate your love with your love."    

Contact us, we want to make every moment of your love very special...    

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