How To Reap Fruits of a Beautiful Relationship

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If you do not become absolutely straight with yourself, it may take a lifetime to deal with every little thing that disturbs you before you finally come to the point where you realize that all your worry is not getting you anywhere. That is a waste of your time — and of life.    

But if you are very straight with yourself, you will see that most of the things that are highly romanticized in the world actually mean nothing at all. They are all very empty. Life is full as it is, it does not need decorating. Only those who are missing the intensity of the life process — those who are not in perception of the grandeur of life within — have this juvenile idea that they have to enhance life. The life process does not need any assistance from you to become beautiful if only you are willing to merge with it and know its beauty.    

Does this mean you should not enjoy the simple aspects of life? No. Let’s apply this to the moment. If you eat your dinner, will you get enlightened? No, but that does not mean we won’t eat dinner; we eat. We can still enjoy the simple process of life even though dinner is not going to get us to the ultimate. Our bodies are hungry. Similarly, if you are hungry in your emotions, body, and mind for certain things, you get married. But you know very well that this is not the ultimate.    

This is a good and sensible way to handle your marriage. If you believe too many fancy things about your relationship, then it cannot help but disappoint you. Relationships are made to make our life journey pleasant for ourselves, and also for those around us.

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