Humming Geets In Hindu Weddings

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The weddings are not merely a unification of two souls but also two distinct families and communities come together to celebrate. 

 All the cultures have varied beliefs about the rituals performed in weddings but overall is to pass the genes of progenitors to next generation.   

Hindu culture and tradition is so varied and diverse that it varies from place to place as well.   

We have gods for every element of life and believe it or not, in a sanctifying process like a wedding, all the gods are worshipped and welcomed to bless the couple.  

Here comes the importance of the hummings of geet...

The ladies, especially the elders of our families sit together and sing various geets, remembering the gods, admiring them, the elements of nature, the sun, and the moon, and also the relations like brothers, sisters, in-laws, everyone...  

This is a beautiful ritual, coming since forever maybe.   

These kinds of lady gatherings are a kind of a sign that a marriage is upcoming in the neighborhood.   The evenings are beautiful with musical instruments and the decorations and it ends mostly with a dinner or a meal according to the time.  

Marriages are beautiful ceremonies, and the cultural rituals make it more of a beauty.

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