If the Sun and the Stars Fall in Love

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Love is the most usually felt emotion in daily life. Everyone around is talking about "The Love" word. 

So, what is love?   It's such a frequently used emotion (word) but very rarely understood.     

If you really think you understand this word, then think again, because actually, you don't.    

The word had been such a mess since always...    

You say you love your spouse, means love is associated with a person. Now, you're saying, you love playing basketball, says love can be associated with a game as well, i.e, no human-oriented.  

To make it even more elaborate, you love your pet as well. Isn't loving your pet is more about compassion and adoration. Isn't loving a chocolate about enjoying eating it. Loving our mom and dad is that we respect them.     

So, why don't we use all these different words, instead of complicating the love?  

Something profound you might like...    

Our right brain functions with the emotions (love is one), and the left one functions with the language or words.   

The more frequently we associate a word with a certain emotion, more robust it becomes. And that being the reason why we always wonder what the word is about, for, we've been using this one even for a complete stranger.    

Try to use the other words as well, and don't confuse your mind with multiple emotions related to a word.    

Love is an innate thing...    

We've heard too much of finding the love of our life or losing it.  Can love really be lost? Whom do you define the love to be? A person, a passion, or something else?    

Just think about it, love is defined by the entire universe, and used very frequently.     So, you really think love is a face, with a body, that you can find or lose it? Does the entire universe love your definition face of it?    

Finding Love...

Creation of universe is based on love. It's not something you find outside of you, but always within you. It flows from you to the world, and everyone loves you.    

Try to understand what you want in life, being in a relationship is merely a T.V and magazine fame. It has got nothing to do with love. 

Take your time, find out what you really look for.     

If you want love, find it within yourself. 

If you want love, be it. 

That's where you can find it, within yourself.

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