Indian Culture of Matching Birth Charts ( kundis )

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Kundli and Gunas are just a part of the mathematics which is given a name "Astrology". 

As per the person's birth time and birthplace, the effect gravitational forces of planets and stars on those two persons form their matching Lagana kundli.    

Now, this mathematics of astrology is "Probability" based outcome. Astrology gives you probability based on the gravitational and time effects based on kundli gunas.    

Yes for assurance, we can take precautions and can consider this probability earlier, but one can strongly change the result by doing Karma.    

Marriage never depends on Gunas and Kundalies, this is blind to believe. Marriage depends on two person's love. No Hindu scriptures have written that one should always marry by checking kundli only. Even if it is written it is not a neutral note.    


Just take an example of Sikandar, who made a new line in his hand and won the world.    Ravan who caged all planets was also destroyed. So, was it written in his kundli that he will do all that stuff? Astrology is just probability, it never gives an accurate answer.    

Lord Ram and Sita have a match of all 36 Gunas but their marriage is not a success, They had to go to wanvas and after returning from wanvas Mata Sita left Shri Ram due to some reasons.     

But, one thing I personally believe is that you can actually use the astrology to understand a person. And above all, of course, karma is there...

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