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Ohh Ohh, Goosebumps right. You love this term. 

After all, love is the first term in it. 

 What's so great about this type of weddings? Its fame, that we got from our Bollywood industry. 

The entire society is against the lovers and all. We'll live together, die together. It's all so obsolete.   

Yet till date, when we listen to the word, sounds like a crazy adrenaline rush in the nerves, we'll have to fight the world. Unfair right, the 7 billion people against the two.  

For today's youth, it's just a wedding in which they choose their spouse, they introduce them to their families, and since they're the independent to make their own decisions, they are bound to be a couple, for always. 

This happens with or without the consent of the family.   

Look, no family is harsh enough to exalt a child especially if they know, the child made the right decision. Maybe I dampened too much, but choose someone from the perspective of your family and it happens the way I described.    

It's actually a better way of marriage from early arranged marriages as at least the couple would be responsible for whatever choices they made.   

So, dear, here you get to know the person very well before you consider introducing the person to your family. You know the goods and flaws, taste and hobbies, ins and outs, everything.    

So, just get the consent of your family and come to us.  

We're waiting for one beautiful story to come.  

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