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Every wedding has a story..a unique one..which make us smile every time when we remember it. That may be a moment or a funny story, like how both meet or how could they managed to complete event after something went wrong. These stories keep us motivated and encourage us to make next event which may be a wedding or birthday party or anniversary, BIGGER and JOYFUL. I can definitely say that these stories become a perfect 'tale' to tell 😉.

But what if we got a chance to share these amazing stories (OK.. tales) to the world? 

Yes... We are launching a platform where you can share your amazing memories..stories..with the world to make your wedding story...a Tale..a tale that everyone would like to read and share thoughts on it with you..just like we do when we meet with our friends and family. 

So, do you have such a moment to tell?

Then just Click Here and you can also make your wedding story a Saga (not like Twilight but..😅).

Also, you can write ✍ or find stories on latest trends, fashion, culture and so on. So, start sharing and keep smiling😊. 👍

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