Is There a conflict Between Sadhana and Family?

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If they have to be supportive of your spiritual process, you must make your spiritual process very profitable for them. They must see that, with spirituality, you have become so exuberant, so joyful, so wonderful. Then they will say, “Meditate, come on! Have you done your meditation today?” But if your idea of spirituality is to tell your family, “From today, I am not going to cook, I will only serve you groundnuts. Or, I'll not be working today” This is not going to work.    

If you make your spirituality profitable for your partner, then they will ask you every day, “Have you done your morning kriya?” This must be your sadhana. You must see that your spirituality works for them, that you have become a much more wonderful person than they have ever seen. Then they will make sure you are doing your morning kriya, producing results for the family.    

But there are certain families where, if someone sits for 15 minutes of meditation, they will come and shake them, “Why are you closing your eyes?” If you have gotten into that kind of a situation, where they protest about anything new, where they are simply insecure about every little thing, then I do not think you have a family. Sorry, I am very brutal but let’s face it.     

Family means two people or four people are working towards each other’s wellbeing. 

They are concerned about each other’s wellbeing. 

If there is no such concern, you really do not have a family. 

It is time to look at it.

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