Just A Poem Dedicated To You

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A Dedication To You...

A long dark night in my life,  

You were the very first light,  

I had lost every faith in myself,  

Until you saw me burning bright,...    

Wanted to get me lost forever,  

They told me I was just a scar,   

I wished for someone, wanting me,   

The dazzling shooting star very far,...    

Found you were a new world waiting for something,   

luckily, the something happened to be me,  

Your touch only was perhaps eccentric,   

associated innocent feelings I wanted to be,    

In no form, I can afford to lose you to the world,   

It's not about you, but me being selfish,   

All I can promise is a solemn love and dedication,  

You saved me almost lost, now you do justice,...    

Now, that you know, I won't let you go,   

I'm a world, before you I bestow,

The life I'll define to be your shadow,   

Holding together, our love shall grow...   

 "At times, all you're supposed to do is to hold tight for a bit longer, for, you never know, the moment you left your grip was the time when the storm would have passed. 

And you could have written a whole new story, perhaps with someone great to come."

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