Love Sees No Boundaries

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Indian cultures and traditions are very much blessed with diversity and along with diversity comes complications.  

India has been an example that people with such diverse beliefs and traditions can peacefully live and blossom at the same time. 

When the world is fighting and mending boundaries in the name of religions, here in India, we share plates with our brothers of different religions.  

Not, very back our society didn't allow inter-religion or even inter-cast marriage, but as the literacy rose, and with attempts of the new generation of our country, such issues are on verge of being dissolved.   

Of course, the culture of love changed everything. Very soon, I hope, a day will come when we won't be asked what religion or cast do you belong to.  All the requisites will be confined to whether or not the person is a good human, and whether both are compatible or not.      

For, "the love sees no boundaries, and living the life with a person you love is more than just a blessing."

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