Love is Blind, But Life is Not

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We are looking for love everywhere, the day we find our true love would perhaps be the day of fulfillment of this lifetime.     

Without love, life is scarce, and love is a never-ending quest.    

So, what is your priority? Love or life? We spend our years trying to find love, somewhere around. Life begging, please do give me considerations. After all, I'm the one who'll get you love as well.    

Love is a necessity for living, and we live a life. Love is necessary for life only, so, life should be the priority.     

We should consider looking for life in every moment instead of the love, and eventually, we'll get love if we were to.    

"You don't find love, love finds you".       

Love is blind, but the life isn't. Life sees things, it can give anything and can take everything.     

"Don't fell in love when you feel to, get into it when you're ready to".

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