Native Home Wedding Vs Destination Wedding

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The feeling only of living the rest of your life with someone you love gives goosebumps.  

Imagine getting up beside the special someone the morrows. How serene it would be to look at the face, most beautiful to your eyes and the sweetest voice bidding you a morning.    

I suppose this is the time for you to get married.    

So, have you planned your wedding? The venue? The shopping?The expense? The guests?The food?    

The most important choice to make is whether you should go for a native home wedding or a destination one.    

Consider these points before you make the decision:   

  • Budget: Destination weddings are a bit heavier for the pocket as they come with extra added expenses like the accommodation of the guests, the traveling expenses, the venue arrangement, and lots besides these.                                                                                                             Home weddings are more economic as the traveling expenses, the guest accommodation and the venue charges are reduced.
  • Guest list: Destination weddings are most suitable for the people having a short guest list. Maybe you can cut the wedding guest list and then you can throw a reception party to all the large guest group.                                                                                                                     Home wedding: Suitable for large families where they can stay at your home or the neighboring relative for all the days of rituals. The guest list would be large, as you'll welcome all the neighbors and even the distant relatives.
  • The Reception: The reception again is going to be lavish, for, you didn't spend on your wedding with the distant guests. Most probably in your native city itself.                                               Home wedding: Reception is going to include all your normal wedding guests. However, it can be a moderate one as mostly all have already met the couple.
  • Honeymoon: You can plan your honeymoon and the wedding location to be same in the destination wedding. Merely the context changes, and you get more of intimate time together.   In the native wedding, you'll have to consider a new honeymoon venue and that would cost as an add-on.
  • The part in preparation: In destination wedding, you can't personally take part in arranging and doing things. The decorator or the event planner does it for you. The rituals also don't happen the way they are celebrated in a native wedding.                                                                           A native wedding is simply fun, you decide and personalize things as you want them to be. And you can involve the friends and family, as it happens to be a celebration.
  • Memories: Destination weddings give you the memories of an alien place most of the time. Most probably, a beautiful paradise of your fantasies. You'll get some awesome, experiences of unknown culture and traditions.                                                                                               Native weddings associate you to the feelings more sanctifying. Getting married from a home, where you grew and the trees around which you used to play. That's something of spiritual tranquility.

Overall, both the weddings have their pros and cons. Consider them when you plan for one.  

At mubaraQ ho, we help you organize, arrange and celebrate your best moments. 

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