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Once you receive your engagement ring you may spend hours staring at it while dreaming about a wedding ring and how it should fit. There are amazing engagement monogram ring[personalized necklaces online] styles being made today and some of them come with wonderful matching wedding rings however, many don't. I've seen couples travel from jewelry store to jewelry store in search of a perfect wedding band only to be disappointed when they realize that nothing fits properly with their ring. When they stumble upon a jeweler that can provide a custom designed wedding band they find it difficult to make a decision. This is largely due to the jewelers inability to provide a life-like sample or illustration of how the personalized birthstone ring is going to look when it finished. Most people have a difficult time visualizing conceptual items like custom jewelry because they don't know what to expect and also because the design is in the jeweler's mind not theirs.

An experienced and professional custom jeweler will have the skills needed to provide a detailed account of how your ring will look. In addition, he/she should be a good communicator while assessing your needs and transferring those needs in to the actual jewelry design. Without proper translation of your wants and desires the ring may not be everything you dreamed of and a good custom jeweler will understand this. Bottom line is this...Great wedding best friend rings are created not by great jewelers but also great communicators. When selecting a craftsman to make your wedding ring, examine the person's portfolio of previous work, but also take note of how you both work together. If you have good synergy and communicate well together then you'll have a better chance of getting an amazing wedding ring that you'll be happy with.

Another important variable is the person doing the assembly of your custom wedding ring; the person designing your ring may not be the person making it. The designer that you work with could do a wonderful job creating a concept for your item but the jeweler making it could be a poor craftsman or bad interpreter of your designer's concept. If the designer isn't the person making your promise ring for her then you should get a feel for how the two work together. Ask to meet the craftsman and have a joint discussion to determine if everyone is on the same page. While we are on the subject of the craftsman, make sure that the jeweler actually assembling the initial ring[shop this blouse here] can provide examples of his craftsmanship. A jeweler without adequate experience in custom jewelry design may set diamonds poorly or weld metal improperly. This can result in a finished product that doesn't look good or you could receive a ring with a history of problems like stone loss from its setting. There are credentials that help determine how qualified a jeweler is at making custom jewelry.


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