One Peculiarly Romantic Honeymoon: The Cruise

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Don't know why the waters never fail to instill romance in my blood. Be it an abundant sea or a very scarce pond. Sitting beside its limits, dipping the feet, is a sensation so amorous and pure which is ineffable in weird terms.     

This one is again about a very romantic journey about your spouse. A cruise on a cruise ship doesn't matter what the destination is. A perfect example where the journey is far more beautiful and exciting than the destination itself.     

The Surprise Element...

Packing the luggage, putting it in the back of your car, pulling your spouse telling her for a shopping trip to the nearby market and driving to the port. 

Now, this is the perfect time for revealing the onwards. A forehead kiss telling her, sweetie, we're going on a cruise, just hold my hand and we'll be away from the land for some days. worry not about anything, for, all the necessary packing is done.  


Won't this be somewhat alike the surprise you would like to present your beloved?  A honeymoon trip all amid the ocean, no traces of any land till the farthest sight. Perhaps, this is the best gift you can give to your better half. The time you'll spend there together will be no less than a blessing. In this busy day to day rut, the most expensive gift one can give to someone is uninterrupted time.     

Just imagine the stargazing, lying on the dock with the most beautiful person to be around, talking the most profound of the emotions, being in the most beautiful context, with a sound of the water around.    

Do you remember the Titanic pose? You can do that pose and much more intimate stuff. Want to kiss your spouse? What could perhaps be a better environment than a lonely dock, with a romantic music played, harmonized with the soft breeze flowing around, so cool that it touches the soul?    

In my upcoming stories, I talk more about the cruises.  Don't miss them.

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