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Marrying the person you would spend the rest of your life with is once in a lifetime ceremony. However, the ceremony is the last of all. Afore comes all the tedious preparations, like deciding the venue, the dresses, the guests, the food, the orchestra, and all the others. 

 It's very normal in a modern working-youth culture that none has time enough to mind every aspect and preparations along with your work. And, you can't take any for granted, for, both are very important life-changing decisions.  

In older times, preparations used to start way before the date itself and the whole, big families used to gather from very afar sharing their parts into the marriage. Time has changed, busy lifestyle is the trend.

So, what do you do, should you settle for something which could have been way more elegant and lush but didn't happen well due to lack of time and reliable resources? 

 No! it's your wedding, it wouldn't happen daily. Perhaps, you're at the very right place. Here at mubaraQho, we take all your stress so that you can enjoy your very special day. We take care of everything from Engagement ceremony to the Honeymoon suite.   

 For,"Nothing is more precious than moments, for today's moments will be memories for morrows ".  

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