Pre-Wedding Shoots

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Wondering what this term is?    

Literally, it's a photoshoot after you're engaged to your better half.    

Objectively, it's a photoshoot to capture some of the romantic moments of immature, blooming love before you get married.  

Its motive is to get you snap compatible with your partner. Also, the photographer gets to understand your comfortable candids.    

It's some sort of preparation to look natural in your wedding photos posing together.      

It's an argument, whether or not these shoots are of any utility...  

Try to understand it like this.   

 It'll be your decided place, any fantasyland context. It'll be the photographer, who's most probably going to do the photoshoot at your wedding. There will be a lot of romance in the air, after all, these moments are your pre-wedding moments.  Above all, you two together will be clicking some memories spent together, maybe by the waters or amid insane hills.   

 So, in my personal opinion, it is worth that time and money.    

Now, there are a lot of themes in trend. Some of the couples go for an ethnic theme, some for fantasy, some for natural(casual),  and so on.    

Well, the words themselves are too much descriptive of what they convey.   

However, in ethnic, the wear and the context would be of a cultural domain, maybe a lehenga, or salvar-kameez for her, and   a kurta or something of that short for him, with a context of some cultural value.  

Fantasy is the theme on which, the couple wears a fictitious look, maybe of an emperor and her queen, or a sort of that.  

Casual or natural is a theme in which you don't hyperbole your attire or the surrounding. She can wear a simple frock, with him in a picnic shirt. context can be a sea beach, or a park, anything simple. 

   In my perspective, the last one is the best, for, you would perhaps like to look as you are in reality, and no fictitious animation.      

"It's gonna beautiful candid moments of you two lovebirds, that you can look at, sitting together, wondering, how lucky you two have been in your life, that you found the other".  

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