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There were days when only exceptional couples used to plan their pre-wedding shoot. This is not true anymore. Pre-wedding photography has become a norm nowadays for all the right reasons. Couples are in their most lovey-dovey and coochie-coo phase before getting married and they must capture those memories to preserve them for a lifetime. Later on in life, they can look at those pictures and cherish the times they spent together.    

Just as important as it has become to snap the pre-wedding moments, couples and photographers these days also want to ensure that whatever pictures come out, they’re flat out the best-having elements like cuteness, creativity, fun, romance, drama, happiness, they want all the emotional blended in those few pictures basically. Good props can change the entire look and feel of your pre-wedding portraits. It can lift up the picture, give it a new story, liven up the surroundings and add an element of the quirk in your pictures. It can also make you give better expressions and more interesting poses. 

So here, we’ve got you the list of quirky props to make your pre-wedding shoot moments a total bliss!    


Not a surprise, balloons are and will always stay a great prop to play with. You can get them in any shape and color you want. In fact, you can get balloons in different colors for a more colorful and quirky pre-wedding shoot. We absolutely love balloons!!    

Puppie love...  

Well, no, we’re not talking about that cheesy cute coochie-coo kinda love, we’re talking about showing love with the puppies, literally. Instead of arranging for a prop, you can take your puppy (or any other cute pet for that matter) with you to make them a part of your memories and ask your pre-wedding shoot photographer to take some beautiful pictures of you two with them. This is surely going to add a whole new level of cuteness to your pictures! Take your pet along with you (if you have one) or else you can also arrange a cute puppy or horse or rabbit or cat, whatever pet you want.    

Boards & Placards...  

This can become a really exciting prop for you, depending on how you use it. You can carry small blackboards, sign-boards, placards or wooden boards with you and write cute things on them using a chalk or colors. You can even get some pretty ‘Save The Date’ pictures using boards and placards and then send it to your guests to invite them to your engagement party/wedding function.    

It’s also a great and easy way of making your pictures speak. Write down cute messages or cute couple descriptions on these boards and let the camera roll.    

Candies, Cupcakes & More...  

Got a fascination for candies? Cupcakes? Coffee? Muffins? Or cakes??    Then incorporate your love for food into your pre-wedding pictures. Trust us, this trend has recently started catching up and might become a rage sometime soon. So, before that happens, get your shoot done using candies, cupcakes, cute cakes or coffee cups as props and get attractive pictures to crush on for life. You can choose an outdoor or picnic sort of a setting for shooting with such tempting props where you can shoot and eat both!


Music Junkies...  

If you and your partner are the sorts who are always up for good music, then you can include this special detail in your pre-wedding shoot. Simply step into a music store, grab your favorite records from there and then let the music junkie in you take over you. Sounds awesome, don’t you think so??    

Paper Love...  

The props do not always have to be about the pets or food or something super fancy, you can make a good prop out of a paper! Just cut the paper in whatever your shape you want, add some embellishments to it or get it done from somewhere and your super cool prop will be ready to roll. You can get paper glasses, paper hearts, paper hats and much more made to add dainty details to your pre-wedding pictures. Believe us, a good paper prop can add the much-needed difference in your pictures. It can make them look whatever you want- cute, fun, romantic, happy, anything (depending upon the prop used of course, so do try this brilliant idea!).    

Umbrellas, Dupattas & Alphabet Strings...  

You can include the alphabets of your names on the string and hold one end each and click pictures with it. It will look beautiful and cute. You can even grab the playing blocks from kids aged between 3-5 years and form your names with those blocks and get snapped to add cuteness to your portraits. Dupattas can be used for stunning play with light and umbrellas to add a fun date factor to your pictures.    

We’re sure these cute pictures are going to give you tons of inspiration and make you wanna get married right away or at least plan your couple shoot super soon. However it is, do let us know what happens and yes, don’t forget us to thank us later for giving you such pretty ideas! 

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